18. Do Something Great with Lewis

As I traveled through South America, I came late to the podcast game and then fell hard. I love learning as much as I love just about anything and with this new medium crush I quickly became one of those people saying, “I just heard in a podcast…” with a bit too much frequency in conversations. I know. I’m working on it.

I had bought a ticket to the World Domination Summit, a conference about living a remarkable life in an unconventional world. It is a once-a-year gathering in Portland, Oregon of passionate people living lives full of adventure, service and community.

As the event drew closer, I read up on the speakers who would be there and one guy’s work caught my attention in particular. His name is Lewis Howes and in addition to being a lifestyle entrepreneur, he hosts a podcast called The School of Greatness.

Naturally with my new found love affair of podcasts, I decided to listen. I was/am in the process of starting my own business around my passions and I welcomed his approach to interviewing people who love what they do and are great at it.

I love his story. Lewis was a pro football player who had to deal with a career ending injury and he recovered from that adversity tenfold…physically, emotionally, career-wise.

I was inspired by Lewis and I wanted to thank him before I even met him and then more so one I did and here’s why:

Lewis believes that everyone has greatness inside of them and has made it his mission to help people do what they love for a living, a belief I also share and hope to do in my own way.

While having a passion is great, he gets that it is living your passion in service of others, doing some good in the world that really counts.

He understands that your greatest wounds are also a source of your greatest gifts.

He promotes physical health and feeling great in your body in order to do your best in every other area of your life. This has been a big part of my own story.

He is a teacher, but also understands that to be a teacher you need to be a perpetual student. He has a natural curiosity and a talent for asking good questions to the fascinating people he brings onto his podcast.

Lewis focuses on gratitude. He acknowledges all of his guests and has open conversations about vision, truth and gratitude. I think gratitude cannot be underestimated as a powerful force for living a meaningful life.

He’s also a connector. He worked hard to establish his own network who now helps him to connect and in turn, he helps to connect others to each other as well. I dream of a world where we all do this naturally and are all helping each other do what we love.

He is an example of someone who has found what they are good at and what they love to do. By sharing that, he is empowering others.

Project Paper Crane is really about finding inspiration in the people I meet every day, which typically doesn’t include well-known multi-millionaires. Although that’s the point here and a point that Lewis makes regularly… that we all start with what we have and we all start out as every day people, with our own gifts and our own challenges. And yet, we all have the opportunity to do something great.

I did get to meet Lewis at the conference and gave him a red paper crane to thank him for being someone who does what they love for a living and inspires other people to as well.

*You can find out more about Lewis, his podcast, products & services and his new book at lewishowes.com.

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