19. David “Awesome” Knapp-Fisher

It’s happy hour at the first night of the World Domination Summit and while I’m really happy to be here, I’m immediately finding myself having to crash conversations.

Hi! I’m Erin, please talk to me!  (says my endearing, but not desperate internal voice)

Do I get incredibly offended by people starting conversations with me? No. I’m not sure when I decided humans are evil, conversation-rejecting beings. But for me, this is hard.

Nevertheless, if this was my challenge for the weekend, I would accept it and invite myself into conversations. I was there to meet like-minded people.

Great news!! I was not eaten alive.

Instead, David, aka Fish, turns to me and says, “Hi! I’m David! You’re awesome!”…or something of the sort. Such is his enthusiasm for life, I imagine he only speaks in exclamation points!!

WDS 2015 - David Knapp-Fisher

We exchange stories and he is so energetic I felt like I had worked out by the time our conversation was over. But the conversation was never really over.

We were both people who had left our jobs to start doing work we love. Our stories are incredibly different, but there is an inherent understanding between people who decide we all have something unique to give and the opportunity to do what we love…and then take that opportunity.

So we connected again and again throughout the conference and beyond.

He helped manage my conversation-crashing fear and repeatedly pulled me into meeting other people like his rockin’ wife Paula who is smart, hilarious and just an all around cool chick.

His connecting abilities stem from a few easy tricks. If you meet David, I can guarantee these three things will happen:

He will tell you you’re awesome.

He will invite you over for dinner.

He will ask you what you care about and how he can help.

I think a lot of people would love to meet new people, try new things and have fascinating conversations, but they are just waiting for someone else to initiate it. This is David’s specialty…interaction, connection and storytelling.

David loves to energize a crowd. He was invited on stage to share one of his stories at WDS  where he shared that his son has muscular dystrophy. David has committed himself to making sure his son has an adventurous, well traveled life, even if it means carrying him up stairs of ancient European landmarks.

He believes in education through life experience and sets his son up to fully participate in that.  He now speaks nation-wide about what this has taught him, among other things. (find out about this and watch his TEDx talk at davidknappfisher.com) He has learned about the importance of living a full, awesome life and is incredibly passionate about enabling others to do this too.

So we traded stories and ideas, and I gave him a paper crane to thank him for being so approachable when I really needed it. And now taking a cue from our friend Fish here:

If you’re reading this, you’re awesome. You’re always welcome to come over for dinner. (There’s not much better than a shared meal and good conversation.) And please let me know how I can help you in following your dreams.

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