Once upon a time, a friend gave another friend a paper crane that she had made. It was meant to be a symbol of good health and good fortune on her path…the recognition of a shared desire to live a true, soulful life. In Japanese culture, the gift of 1,000 cranes grants the giver a wish and the recipient health and fortune. There are variations of this, but these basic principles stand true throughout them all. This was a gift then and has turned into a greater inspiration now.

I now seek to give away 1,000 paper cranes, as a symbol of gratitude to those who I meet who inspire me and in turn, inspire a world that embraces the power of creativity and community. I wish to share these stories with you to extend gratitude and to inspire with stories of realized dreams, infinite human potential and a shared greater good.


Erin has been living in Patagonia and writing a book, seeking the truths that are revealed to her in the depths of the nature and adventures she encounters. In her journey to discover her unique gift to offer to the world, she is inspired by sharing in the passions and experiences of those around her, and honoring this with the simplicity and joy manifested in the gift a paper bird.

You can read more about her story at erinkmac.com: inspiring and facilitating change in the world without and within.

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