2. Charlie, Sage of Bluegrass

Charlie the guitar enthusiast….well actually more than that, a music enthusiast, a bluegrass enthusiast. Last year whenever journaling on my goals and how I want to be spending my time, I would write about wanting to learn guitar. So I finally decided that it would be quite hard to learn guitar without having one. My home is a back pack right now, but¬†the excuse of it taking up too much space was invalid when I found a mini guitar. At first just holding it was awesome. Then I met Charlie while hearing him play some sick guitar, sitting there with a bottle of wine overlooking beautiful Nahuel Huapi lake. I asked him to teach me some chords and he was really patient and helpful. How magical to create the sound of music, to learn something new, to be creative. And as he taught me, he told me all sorts of stories of getting into the bluegrass scene in Colorado. Music has the power to bring people together like nothing else and I love it…I was experiencing that right then and it inspires me to seriously learn this thing and go out and play. I gave him a paper crane to thank him for the lesson and inspiration, and it found a home tucked away in his mandolin.

Someone asked me once when was the last time you did something for the first time? Great question, and I like to push myself to try new things and to be creative in new ways. Another good question, what song should I learn first?